Banco del Estado de Chile

BancoEstado is one of the oldest financial institutions in Chile, with our predecessor starting operations in 1855. We are wholly owned by the Republic of Chile, with the purpose of providing banking and financial services aimed at fostering the development of Chile’s economic activities. Our goal is to be the bank for all Chileans, combining commercial success with our commitment to provide banking services to clients from all socioeconomic sectors.

BancoEstado’s position in society is based on close, deep and long-lasting relationships with customers; on delivering competitive quality services; on its commitment to promote entrepreneurship and social inclusion;

on its role as a state-owned bank that supports and is committed to public policies of sustainability, development and contributing to a more competitive financial system with high-standard practices.

As a universal bank, we are relevant not only in providing financial solutions for supporting high-impact projects, but also in promoting home-ownership and a major penetration of banking services for the population. For this purpose we have the most extensive network in Chile, with locations in every Chilean “comuna” (county) and the major customer base.

Key Figures

Total assets: USD 48,723 million
Net income: USD 220 million
Total net loans: USD 27,384 million