CAF – Development Bank of Latin America

CAF is a Multilateral Development Bank currently owned by 19 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe as well as 14 private banks from the Andean region. CAF’s objective is to support sustainable development and regional integration within Latin America in order to make its economies more diversified, competitive and responsive to social needs. This is achieved by financing economic and social infrastructure projects, encouraging foreign investment and capital markets development in the region, promoting the expansion of regional trade and exports and supporting the development of small and medium-size enterprises.

CAF is the main source of multilateral financing for infrastructure in Latin America. It has been operating for more than 45 years in the region and has financed projects that contribute to build an integrated and economically viable region.

In terms of economic sectors and industries, the institution supports projects in areas such as energy, transport, water and sanitation, telecommunications and information technology, private sector development and the environment.

CAF also provides medium-term corporate loans and to a lesser extent short-term trade loans.

Besides its capital, CAF raises funds for operations primarily in the international financial markets. In order to diversify its funding sources and to offer potential borrowers a wide range of credit facilities, the institution raises funds through bond issues in both the regional shareholder countries as well as in the international capital markets. CAF also accepts deposits and obtains loans and credit lines from central banks, commercial banks and, as long as they are related to projects financed by CAF, export credit agencies.

CAF has obtained medium and long-term loans and credit lines from multilateral and bilateral institutions, as well as from international commercial banks, in order to support the development of its short, medium and long term activities.

Financial Highlights 2010 (USD Million)

Total Assets: USD 32,470
Loan and Investment Portfolio: USD 20,759
Loan Approvals: USD 12,255
Total Shareholders’ Equity: USD 9,524
Net Income: USD 78