Industrial Development Bank of Turkey

Headquartered in İstanbul and established in 1950 with the support of World Bank, the Central Bank of Turkey and shareholding of private commercial banks, TSKB is Turkey’s first privately-owned development and investment bank.

50,33% of TSKB shares are held by the Türkiye İş Bankası Group, the largest private commercial bank in Turkey, and 39.3% of its shares are quoted on the BIST Star Market under the “TSKB” ticker. Vakıfbank (Foundations Bank) has a share of 8.38% and the remainder is free float and other institutional shareholders.

As being a non depository bank, TSKB conducts its business through its head office in İstanbul and branches in Ankara and İzmir.

As being established with the initiation of World Bank, TSKB continues to work closely with international financial institutions and with all the other leading players in such markets including but not limited to IBRD, EIB, KfW, CEB, IsDB, JBIC, IFC, AFD, EBRD and OeEB.

With a wide range of loan facilities including corporate lending and project finance, TSKB provides financing support to sustainable investment projects in many different industries. As being an investment bank, TSKB also provides its investment banking experience to its customers through products and services that have been carefully crafted to meet specific needs.

As internalizing the economic, environmental, and social aspects of sustainability, TSKB has undertaken many initiatives and takes the issue not only within Turkey but also abroad. TSKB is one of the pioneers in sustainable banking in Europe.

Besides financing models that have been specially crafted for renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency, and environmental protection investments, TSKB takes environmental and social risk factors into account in all of its project evaluation processes and constantly supports both the country’s transition to a low-carbon economy and more efficient production.

Total New Commitments in 2015

USD 1.3 billion (The total amount of finance that TSKB provided to Turkish private sector has reached USD 1.3 billion)

Key Figures 2015 YE

Total Assets: $ 7.2 billion
Net Profit: $ 141 million
Commitments: $ 1.3 billion
Volume of New Lending: $ 1.3 billion